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KIT MW95 – W800 – S370 – FW1010

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New kit V95800 specific for slalom!


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KIT MW95 – W800 – S370 – FW1010

This kit specific for slalom is the new little gem of SABFOIL!

The shape and profile of mast MW95 are optimised to deliver the best possible performance in terms of speed and manoeuvrability meanwhile reduce the ventilation.

W800 is a slalom wing with the DNA of the racing W670but with higher aspect ratio.

The new fusolage FW1010 will allow you to manage higher speed and shorter jibe radius!


Mast Height 950 mm
Front Wing Span 800 mm
Front Wing Root Chord 129,5 mm
Front Wing Aspect Ratio 7.6
Front Wing Surface 840 cm2
Stabilizer Span 370 mm
Stabilizer Root Chord 67,5 mm
Stabilizer Aspect Ratio 7
Stabilizer Surface 195 cm2
Mast Weight 2380g +/- 5%
Fuselage Length 1010 mm
Fuselage Weight 1320g +/- 5%